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Going to the Emmys. #netflixemmyspartybus #fuckyeah #totescunt #blessed


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Going to the Emmys. #netflixemmyspartybus #fuckyeah #totescunt #blessed

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do you trust me?

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We have been called “a lost generation…[not] giving birth to anything new” and “too quiet, too online.” In fact the opposite is true. There is a deafening roar in cyberspace. If a presidential election can be won through the support of an online movement, if articles and ideas can reach tens of millions of people overnight, and create a four-thousand person discussion, if YouTube can receive 200,000 new videos a day, then being “too quiet” and “too online” is the opinion of someone who doesn’t understand what it means to be online. Not creating anything new and not being loud enough are not our problems. So why the disrespect from the famous 60s generation? Because we aren’t doing what they want us to do.

Most of us were born after the end of the Cold War or were too young to remember it. The political climate we grew up in was one of supreme hypocrisy. One President nearly got impeached for a superficial sex scandal and then another later broke international laws to preemptively start a war without UN support and was re-elected to serve 2 full terms without so much as a breath of legal retribution.

The problem my generation faces is inheriting a world that baffles us: a world of hypocrisy and crisis; a world on the brink of collapse yet at the height of human civilization.

Imagine for a moment being one of us. Taught in school that all people are created equal, that all countries are sovereign, that freedom, democracy, and capitalism are embraced by all people and nations because they are ultimate ideals that allow us to prosper and live as we choose in the pursuit of happiness. Old enough to read the New York Times online and blog on Huffington Post, we see a very different world. Equality? Not for the poor, not for LGBT. Capitalism? It appears to have been a house of cards recklessly constructed by greed for the benefit of a few. Sovereignty? Not for resource-poor or oil-rich countries. Ideals? Not for the media or our political and business leaders.

Now we must navigate a world where a concentration of power, wealth, and media often conflicts with every ideal the Western world is supposed to stand for. If you think we are too quiet and too online you should consider that we have two choices. One, to accept the values we were taught to believe in and totally redefine and reconstruct the way our government/economy/society works so that these ideals match reality. Or two, to accept the world we live in and think up a new set of values to justify our lives.

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I want a soul mate who can sit me down, shut me up, tell me ten things I don’t already know, and make me laugh. I don’t care what you look like, just turn me on.
— Henry Rollins (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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The Newsroom - Season 3 Teaser Trailer

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tagged in a thing by quarantedeux! here we go:

i would like something twin peaks-esque set up in madison county north carolina, like around the area that used to be shelton laurel where there is just miles of gorgeous country populated by a few suspicious people who are still fucking bitter as hell about something that happened during the civil war. real talk those people will fuck you up if you go asking about THE THING THAT HAPPENED. 
any of y’all who were with me during my closer fandom days know the answer to this question: it’s that summer by garth brooks, and i associate it with brenda/sharon. i heard it one day and it sparked an idea for a little story that became tobacco road, a story that to this day is my favorite thing i’ve ever written.
omg salted caramel and chocolate ice cream with every possible candy (reese cups and butterfingers and so on) crumbled up on top of it. i have a ridiculous sweet tooth.
mmmm i would love to swap polgara from david eddings’ belgariad and malorean series with joanna beauchamp from the witches of east end series. i would love to see how polgara would deal with the modern day issues, and i would love to see jo in a world where she was allowed to openly display her badassery whenever she felt like it. and then i would like them to be besties and kiss
i think hipsters are just the grown up version of a trend that has been around as long as there have been teenagers- look at me, i’m special, i’m different, i can’t see the inherent value in other people and i base my own value in NOT BEING LIKE THEM
i am a country person who is cursed to be a city person. i grew up in a small(ish) town, doing small town things, and i cannot deal with crowds or traffic or the stifling feeling of being trapped between tall buildings, but i love a nice clean bar and delivery service for my dinner so…
weird one, but it’s drunken lullabies by flogging molly. not that it was necessarily relevant to my feelings at the time, but i listened to it on a loop.
hmmm…i loved the shipping news. beloved was tough but IMPORTANT. middlesex was also amazing.
number one? YOU WANT ME TO PICK ONE? but i have like four number ones. i won’t bore you with all of them, i promise. i’ll just pick one for right now. at the moment my favorite is will mcavoy/mackenzie mchale from the newsroom. i fell in love with mackenzie the first time i saw her on screen and then they hit me where i live WITH MY FAVORITE TOPE: the comedy of remarriage. i love watching people who have this deep history, all this love and pain in their past, and feeling the weight of that emotion in everything they do, knowing how their feelings color their interactions, especially with people who don’t understand what happened BEFORE. i love the idea that true love always wins. this particular pair is a favorite because they push and pull each other, force each other to be better, they’re brilliant and beautiful and broken and they’re my baBIES.
hmmmmm i like the high school AU (i am side eyeing telanu so hard right now) but i am also very fond of the groundhog day trope and am pondering that right now for a new story i’m working on.
Who is one character you absolutely love that you feel doesn’t get enough attention from fandom?
What’s your favorite top 40 song of the moment?
What’s your favorite TV/movie trope and why? Give examples :)
Is there a character you wish you could trade places with?
What’s the one thing you would enjoy most about suddenly being blessed with magical powers? What sort of powers would you like to have?
What’s your favorite character’s drink of choice?
Your unpopular opinions, give them to me.
Tell me about one of your OTPs, and why you love them. (this is a really good question so yes i stole it)
What’s your dream job? Why?
What is your favorite character’s favorite smartphone app and why?
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so you’ve fallen in love with an under appreciated actor with a terrible filmography: a memoir


Julianne Moore’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Your bottled water habit is sucking California dry

If you’re reading this, chances are very high that your home has at least one — and maybe more! — magic appliance that produces clean water suitable for drinking. That’s one reason to avoid paying for bottled water.

Another reason? There’s a good chance the water you’re buying at the supermarket was bottled in California, a state currently enduring a severe drought.

Turn on the tap instead Follow micdotcom

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Lots of people believe bottled water is safer and cleaner than tap water, when in reality there’s no evidence proving such a thing.

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!: Bottled Water segment, gives a very good and thorough summary of the bottled water culture

You want better water? Buy a Zero filter. SRSLY. Stop buying bottled if possible. You need water with you? Get reusable acrylic or glass water bottles (wrapped in a silicon sleeve) and fill it up from your filter pitcher. SAVE MONEY, SAVE MY STATE

Also worth mentioning a lot of soft drinks use water from these areas, it’s best to just generally avoid drinks that come in in plastic bottles.

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my face is aight. yours, however, is a delight

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i want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want tO DESTRYO YOU AT MAR IO KART

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